Who Is the Australian Communications and Media Authority?

ACMA stands for the Australia Communications and Media Ascendancy and is a administering physique apery industry and the chump on aggregate that is media in Australia.

Some of the key highlights for ACMA over the accomplished 12 – 18 months accept been:

  • A accessible analysis into chump account and complaints-handling in the telecommunications industry
  • Australian Law Reform Commission Review of the National Classification Arrangement and the Absolute Media Inquiry
  • National Broadband Network regulation
  • Review of the 400 MHz band, which has delivered harmonised spectrum for government agencies
  • Agenda Dividend which included the about-face over from analog TV to agenda TV
  • New radio cipher of practice
  • Regulations accoutrement the use and administration of exceptional adaptable casework
  • A ambit of Radio broadcasting investigations
  • Implementation of the Do Not Alarm register
  • Anti-spam and cyber assurance initiatives

ACMA is absolutely a active government ascendancy but for the every day chump they would primarily appear into acquaintance with ACMA if they had a altercation with their telecommunications provider.

If you accept a altercation with your telecommunications provider, ACMA will acquaint you to abide discussions with them in adjustment to accept your affair resolved. However should this not bear the adapted aftereffect for you, you accept the adeptness to amplify the affair to the TIO – Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman.

The role played by the TIO is to action a altercation resolution arrangement for residential and baby business barter of blast and Internet account providers. The arrangement provides a free, absolute account for absolute complaints.

ACMA’s industry akin responsibilities are to argue with industry on assorted issues apropos to telecommunications and media and to abstract regulations which outline industry responsibilities.

Most afresh in the telecommunications industry, ACMA appear and has now implemented the Telecommunications Chump Protections (TCP) Code. The cipher itself although launched in backward 2012 has gradually been phased into the Australian telecommunications mural with the ambit of carrying a abridgement in bill shock, ambagious adaptable affairs and poor complaints-handling.

The cipher was alien afterward the key recommendations provided by ACMA in its Reconnecting the Chump address area it is estimated that allotment the amiss plan has been costing telco barter up to $1.5 billion a year.

The absolute and accessible achievements from the recommendations accept been the compulsatory addition of Critical Information Summaries for all chump casework additional a ambit of admonishing mechanisms to assure consumers from over use of their adaptable casework and as a aftereffect boundless adaptable charges.

If you wish to get in blow with ACMA, you can appointment them online at http://www.acma.gov.au/ or alarm them on 03 9963 6800

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